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K.D.Singh  , Managing Director- A Stalwart in Air-conditioning industry has reached pinnacle of Success with his Hard Work,Determination and Honesty.

An environment of excellence:

This indeed, is a tall order to execute. It is a vibe that is not easy to maintain, do, discipline, or bring by. However, if ushered in, it helps a person, place, or organization come down in the annals of recognition in its field of work. Companies that go by this philosophy and try to herald in such narratives certainly own proficiency in their circa.

One such work unit is Aircon Engineers Pvt. Ltd. With Mr. K.D. Singh, managing director, helming all the operations here, it is no surprise that the company has come from one growth pillar to another since the time of its inception. Having circumvented the issues and stumbling blocks that would have come on its road to success, Mr. Singh strictly believes in following the allegiance to brilliance ethos in his times and tides. Taking on systems integration work in centralized air-conditioning, evaporation cooling systems, and in forced air-ventilation systems, the motto at Aircon Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is one of “accentuating engineering position leadership”. Doing highly prestigious projects like those for the central vista (seven buildings for Ministry of defence) 1200 –seater auditorium for Sharda University campus, the Indian School of business at Mohali, Chandigarh International Airport, are just a few of the feathers in the cap for this organization.

A.R. Rao ( C.E.O)

Founded on December 8, 1989, this company is process-driven, and presently is logging in an order book worth Rs 82.3 crore. Some other contracts that have been executed successfully include the ­ultralow deep freezer at minus 80 degrees for storing of Pfizer vaccine  as well as the ground water cooling of the Indian School of Business in Mohali, Punjab. Proudly preens Mr. Singh, “we are the innovators in this line of work and are also involved in building a cold storage of our own that is the first of its kind”. All the work-related undertakings here are in keeping with the Atma Nirbhar Bharat vision and with world class quality standards in mind. A growth-oriented approach is that this company believes in having while working on its projects and assignments. An employee roster of 205, with a retention rate of over and above 80% is what gives Aircon Engineers Pvt. Ltd. its cutting edge in its field. A distinct dynamic of backward integration for air terminals, powers the ethos here. The present moment occupancy here includes working on a project for Central Vista, worth Rs 23 crore. The area of expertise at Aircon Engineers is inclusive of all kinds of buildings including those belonging to MNCs, hospitals, and information technology projects. Work has been completed even for Assotech and for ITC, Hyderabad, in addition with projects for NIIT University, Neemrana, British Council Library, Holiday Inn, Kolkata, Bank of America and for the Oberoi’s.  Some other contracts taken on and successfully seen through include those for NDTV Studios, New Delhi, ITC Hotels, Kolkata, etc. Of the rather long listing of clients, “we have managed to retain a maximum percentage to the level of 90%” claims Mr. Singh.


Infosys Hyderabad

ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata

The head honcho, Mr. K.D. Singh, has successfully completed his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from N.I.T. Warangal in 1982 and his M.B.A. from the University Business School, Chandigarh in 1984. Having garnered work experience in Voltas Ltd., to begin with, he branched off on his own with this company to have an experience of a lifetime in founding and making a successful working unit. The underlying philosophy here is to try to value engineer, reduce carbon foot print of buildings and save energy at all times. Protecting nature and all natural resources is a topmost priority in this organization. Such a motto and mission statement is one that sees them through in the toughest of terrains and in the most complex of all assignments. Mr. Singh is careful and cautious about “being environment-friendly and ensures that all my work-related tactics are geared towards this message”. Incidentally, designing all work machinery and assignments with this vision and goal in mind and in spirit is the key priority and the USP here. Mr. Singh, however, does have some grievances to rue about. For example, one such aspect is that the metal prices have shot upwards and this is what is “hitting our industry at this point in time”.

NIIT,Greater Noida

Team at Aircon

Anomalies in the rules, especially in the construction industry have also managed to indent their negativity into the system is the general feeling pervading this firm. Mr. Singh and other like him are fully aware of the fact that “no customer wants to pay for the escalation in the prices from his own pocket. Thus, the price line should be strictly monitored and under control of the relevant authorities. At present, there is no accountability in the increase in such price tags. Another instance that is dogging the growth in this segment is the hike in steel prices, to the tune of 50%, which should be controlled and brought to book. Then again, he feels that India, as a country, should preserve and conserve its power resources so that the growth rate may witness a gainful hike in future times. As mentioned before, one move in this direction is to bring in the concept of net zero buildings. Each new construction should be labeled on the basis of the star system – starting from one to five star. To add more tenacity to such drives, the equipment used should also be categorized as per efficiency standards. A quality check for a building performance based on distinct parameters is necessary once every three years. The machinery that is old and outdated and does not measure up to the given standard profile should essentially be phased out. Other than these pitfalls, Mr. Singh is by and large satisfied with the GST regime. Nonetheless, the “transparency of operations and commitment is necessary in our line of operations”.

The one gambit that the co-workers, staffers, and the contemporaries at Aircon Engineers Pvt. Ltd. always synchronize with is the quality concept. “Everything should be quality-oriented” is the mainstay of all operations here. One of the factors inhibiting the growth of this country is that “our system of transformation is slow”. Mr. K.D. Singh is all praise for the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi and calls him “the best PM”. A reason for these good words for the chief administrator of the country is that he is available for the countrymen via various means and ways. Been blessed with his sons and a daughter, Mr. Angad Deep Singh, M.Sc. in civil and environmental engineering from Stanford University, U.S.A., and Mr. Mohit Deep Singh, M.Sc. from Carnegie Mellon University in Artificial Intelligence, Amrin Kaur, a finance professional Mr. K.D. Singh is in a happy space in life. He also is content with his work profile and categorically claims that “it has been a good period all along the way. A good journey is how I would describe it. However, the phase between 2005 and 2010 was actually the best. Every year has brought newer challenges with it but we have been able to circumvent them properly. Each project has brought with it immense satisfaction and though the last year was very challenging we are looking forward to bouncing back big-time. Each assignment we have done bespeaks of quality. So also, we are aiming towards achieving the Rs 100 crore revenue targets within the coming two to three years”. The super achiever also credits his success story largely to “destiny and the good lord’s kind grace. In addition, he strongly feels that it takes supreme power and effort to succeed in a business environment that is as tough as this one. One should be “passionate about work. One should be able to spring back to form after suffering any loss, be honest in the necessary work arenas, and be a reliable and able partner. The basic reason behind our success is also that we maintain sheer honesty with all our customers. One other criterion that we are clear about is that we take all projects right up till the end. We handhold them till the finishing line so that there is no room for any doubt or foul play”. The message that Mr. Singh desires to have all the readers take home with them is that one should “be innovative, be different”. Placing our energies in concepts like “when the going gets tough, the tough get going, pays dividends. Challenges and rough roads dog us all the time. Nonetheless, we plough on till we find a way out of the circuitous situation we are embroiled in. This is what gives us our superiority over the competition that comes our way. If one works with full dedication and sincerity, there is no conquest that one cannot make. This is my firm belief and I have full faith in the power of a concerted effort in a given direction”.

This New-Delhi based outfit, with Mrs Arvind Singh,  Mr. Manmohan Singh and late Mr. Baljit Singh Sahwney, directors also contributing  to the success of the company. The company has its branch offices in eleven cities. All across the length and the breadth of the country including Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Agra, Gurugram, Jodhpur, Chennai, Mohali, Dehradun, Guwahati, and Kolkata. The core values that steamroll it into the times up ahead are to care for its customers, have mutual respect and trust with them, maintain excellence via team work, have the requisite willingness to learn, excel, and grow, strictly adhere to ethics, have an out-of-the-box and unconventional thinking process, imbibe quality consciousness, and groom leaders from within the organization. One of the primary objectives here is to organize revenue escalation and improve the operating margins, invest in training and development and continuously upgrade skills and knowledge levels to optimize the performance, and to generate customer and employee satisfaction. The vision that empowers the dynamics of the workplaces of Aircon Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is to provide and execute engineered air-conditioning solutions to not just suit the requirement of every customer but also to contribute to the environment and the economy of the nation. Working with such realms and terrains has enabled the chieftains at this company to realize this success story that is surely looking at continuing its dream run in the coming times, too.


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