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August 11, 2021
August 26, 2021

Mrs Salma Shakil (Sitting) with Mr Shakil Ahmed Khan (Directors)





Having educational credentials and worthwhile experience are the two powerful tools that help an entrepreneur bring out the best in his line of work. These two, put together, aid and abet in not just the setting up of a business but also in consolidating its innings in the concerned markets and in enhancing its niche position. Mr. Shakil Ahmad Khan, managing director, of Atlantic Travel & Cargo Pvt. Ltd. and his wife, Mrs Salma Shakil are one such couple that are well-educated and have enough know-how that has helped them make their venture a successful and profitable one. Mr. Ahmad is an L.L.B., C.S. (I), and also holds an M.B.A., among having other qualifications. His good lady, Mrs. Salma Shakil is a B.A. and B.Ed. degrees holder along with having other study merits and is a director in this outfit. This dynamic duo has hand-in-hand carved out a special place in the market segment for their company due to a number of credible feats including putting hard work and faith in the lord almighty above all else. The concerned company was teed off in 1985 by Mr. Shakil’s older brother, Mr. Iqbal Ahmad Khan. The present managing director joined hands with him in 1989. Incidentally, Mr. Ali Ahmad Khan (with a B.A. in business management from the University of East London) and Ibrahim Ahmad Khan (with a diploma in business administration from PSB Academy, Singapore), sons of Mr. Iqbal, and Mr. Fahad Ahmad Khan (late), son of Mr. Shakil, all hold the position of directors in this esteemed organization. Though this Custom Broker and Console Agent is involved in both exports and imports, it is the former that takes up a major chunk of their business. They specialize in all products but more so in the export of frozen meat and in the imports of fabric material. In tandem, is the specialization of third party exports, third party payment shipment, third country exports with switch B/L, and also of shipments against advance authorization.

Iqbal Ahmed Khan ( Sitting )

The tagline that comes with the Atlantic Group is that they proffer complete solutions in logistics and are a one-stop solution service provider. They believe that their USP is that “come to us with a problem, and go out with a solution at hand”. The breakup of services given here include international freight forwarding, customs clearance, transportation, shipping and forwarding agent-related work. Competitive pricing and efficiency in work are the two benchmarks that this organization excels in. A noteworthy point to mention is that the company has been winning the Concor Award consistently for the last ten years now. So also, it has affiliations with ACAAI and FIATA. ATCPL is the flag bearer company here and it is also a WCA accredited agent. Among their proffering, also figures giving digital feasibility for tracking products, et al. The primetime clients here include the Reliance Industries Ltd., Super Tannery Ltd., Everest Tannery Ltd., Calico Trends, Karan Letex Ltd., Ahsan Leather Private Ltd., Horn-line Exports, Khalique Sons International, Jodhpur Craft Inc., Rajshi Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., and Art n Trendz Inc. The 250 employee organization has managed retaining about 95% of those on its roster for the longest time period. In addition, it also proudly preens about having been able to retain about 90% of those on its client roll-call. Keeping their employees happy and content is one mantra that the Atlantic Group has always managed. For this, they take several measures including regular updating of employee skills base and training them for different jobs along with giving the full salary during the pandemic times. The management team here believes that the period between 2010 to2014 was professionally the best for this company since they managed work to the tune of 100 to 150 shipping bills on a daily basis. Interestingly, the names of some of the important meat clients here are Rustam Foods Pvt. Ltd., Allana, Rayban Foods Pvt. Ltd., and Bio Springs.

Late Fahad Ahmed Khan

This company, providing round-the-clock and 24×7 operations, does the complete documentation about the different kinds of custom clearance. The vast network it has of agents assist in the safe, efficient, and timely delivery of the consignments. The team members here ensure the customers that they “assure you of delicate handling of the sensitive shipments”. The shipping agents in-charge of the work paraphernalia are well-experienced and expert in their work base. They fully comprehend the value of working on-time and that any kind of delay in shipment can lead to a huge loss for their clients. Thus, one of the USPs here is to provide complete legal documentation of the consignments and also a provision of insurance of the goods to give full safety feeling to the relevant customers. The company is also into assisting the importer/exporter clients in respect of queries raised by their bankers regarding mismatch of data captured by the IDPMS/EDPMS from respective Bill of Entry and shipping bill/having value added services along with legalization of documents from embassies/consulates in Delhi and Mumbai. The company operates from a number of offices including those in Mumbai, Kanpur (the first office conceived by the company), Delhi, Kolkata, Moradabad, and Gurgaon. The full range of services includes clearing and forwarding of export consignments, LCL, FCL and break bulk, house to house freight forwarding, warehousing export consignments, special cell for post export work, refund of central excise and proof of exports, fumigation of export consignments and certificates, certificates of origin from the Chamber of Commerce, documents legalization from the consulates in Mumbai, freight booking, drawback claims, and other related work. The primary benefits that clients accrue from this company are that it promises safe and secure cargo handling, time bound and committed deliveries, economical and competitive freight rates, management of cargo by professional and experienced workers, and 24-hourly online cargo detail.

The vision and the goal for the next five years are to cross the Rs 80 crore turnover threshold and that too as soon as is plausible and possible. Interestingly, this figure stood at Rs 56 crore in 2018-19 but came down to Rs 41 crore in 2020-2021 due to the obvious reasons of Covid-19 menace that pervaded the entire world, literally speaking. Here, the sincere opinion is that success stories in business and more so in this vista of work are created due to several factors including sound educational odysseys, keeping within the lawful practices, and being thoroughly professional in all work parameters. With the aforesaid well in place with this firm, one can expect them to shine even further in their profession in the times to come. This is the one premise one can truly bank upon after being privy to the strong and steady ethical background and the strict and disciplined regime that is followed at the Atlantic Group in its work routine.


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