A Tribute to G.R.Khattar – Editor-in-Chief

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May 28, 2021
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June 4, 2021

It was  indeed very sad to learn the news of passing away of Shri Gulshan Rai Khattar,Editor-in-Chief ,Business Sphere one month back on 30th April due to Covid-19 from his son Deepak. I have had a long-standing friendship with him.He was known to be a man with big heart and had great affinity with all his friends and relatives and made all attempts to keep them happy and together by throwing parties and his hospitality .

This took me back to July 1967, when I met him while doing journalism in Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. After formal introduction we discovered that we were living in close neighborhood to each other. We started meeting each other informally over coffee in Connaught Place, drinks at my house etc.

While studying journalism, I discovered that he was quite an ambitious person and wanted his own enterprise.

While studying he got a job in some company bringing out a magazine on industries. He was an excellent salesperson, adept in his job and earning handsomely. Later it occurred to him that if he can work for others magazine why not he himself bring out his own magazine. This is how he incubated the idea of his first magazine entitled ‘Know Your Product,” in late 70s which later changed to Business Sphere.

He covered both popular and little-known industries all over the country. He discovered that whereas popular and large industries were given awards there was no recognition for middle level industries by various TV channels. That is how the idea of instituting awards for best industries was thought out by him. The magazine has been doing very well in the Corporate Sector in the past few years.

Later in his 70’s he gradually passed on his responsibility to his son Deepak Khattar and shifted his attention to spirituality. He covered in the magazine various spiritual stories of Lord Ganesh, Shirdi Sai Baba and other deities and Guru’s.

I appreciate his attributes and good imagination, enterprise business acumen and self-confidence. In the death of Shri Khattar, I have lost a good friend. I pray God preserve his soul in peace and grant strength to Mrs. Neelu Khattar and his two sons Deepak , Nikhil and daughter Bhawna Khattar and other family members Pooja and Mayura Khattar strength to bear this irreparable loss.

By Ganesh Dutt Gureja ( Long Term Friend)




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