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April 15, 2021
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May 31, 2021




Experience makes a man wiser. Or so say the wise men of yore. Any experienced person is so much likely to be able to do a good job of anything or everything that comes his way. This is the one takeaway message that anyone has learnt with time and tide. In the case of AkanKsha Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Vinod Anand, the managing director, has just this ace, among others, up his sleeve. He has clocked in years of garnering work knowledge and panache and is now heading this corporation that is into the vagaries of custom house clearance of imports and exports of medical equipment. It is also into taking charge of operations of devices to do with radiology, ultrasound, MRT machines, et al. This company is also into consultancy work for hospitals. Becoming a CHA (custom house agent) in 1985 after clearing the relevant examinations, he delved into the imports of medical devices in 1985. During that phase, the imports-related work for medical devices and custom clearance of these was complicated. Mr. Anand had a deep desire to simplify this process and also to bring in new and the latest medical technology into the country. It was a dream wish of his to engage the government machinery in a proper dialogue regarding such aspects and have current, up-to-date medical equipment be available for the Indian fraternity, at large. He even questioned the trend of Indian doctors preferring to settle abroad to render their valuable services after studies in India. It was his want for them to stay back in their native land and do their noble deeds here. His laudable efforts in this direction were a vehicle for change in this regard and one finds a big revolution in the medical technology arena in India since the past few years.

It is his belief that “we are the only CHA that handled more than Rs 12,000 crore worth of medical goods till date”. Armed with a background in biology helped Mr. Anand decide the course of his career and this was one of the dynamics that made him enter this line of work. He also is of the view that “the last three to four years have been really upbeat for me and my company”. As per his readings, the next three to five years are likely to log in a big boom in the medical industry and it is slated to continue for some-time at least since there is a shortage and a lack of modern technology in this field in India. Interestingly, the exports from this company are channelized into the European, African, and Gulf countries’ markets.

Primary healthcare facilities in India are still way behind the mark and this arena needs strict beefing up. Mr. Anand aims to garner work to the tune of Rs 300 grossings within the next five years itself. It is his diehard belief that his company will be able to meet the targets without a doubt. A recipient of the Bharat Ratna, Dr. APJ Kalam award for the year 2020, this sincere and dedicated managing director is the drive and the force behind the successful operations of the company he leads from the forefront. Also, a recipient of the Jai Prakash Narain Award for outstanding contribution to the medical industry, this gentleman firmly believes that the secret of success for him that worked its charm was “the blessings from my parents, the collated hard work of my team and me, the confidence all my clients have in our ethos, and the dedication and necessary guidance from relevant quarters”. Firmly asserting that “we are amongst the topmost three players in the country in our sector,” he categorically also states that “our 30-employee outfit has managed to retain the staffers since the past one decade or so due to multifarious reasons of them staying back with us. One of them is that we ensure their all-around development within the premises and even outside. A major factor that helps them keep their faith in us is that we take them for trips outside”.

Mrs. Suman Anand, spouse of Mr. Vinod Anand pitches in her work dynamics as the director in the company as does his son, Mr. Prakeek Anand, also a director with the firm. The triumphant trio of filial members chortle out that “a thorough knowledge of the medical industry is an absolute must for all those that wish to work in this domain in a successful manner to ensure a good running at our box office”. So also, Mr, Yashpal Gossain, director, is a backbone figure for the organization since the past 20 years. He is also a most respected and popular person amongst the customs fraternity for his in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations of customs’ related work. The lengthy client list that this company has includes top-of-the-line names of the medical field including Medanta Medicity, Apollo Hospitals, B.L. Kapur Hospital, Paras Hospitals, Dr. Lal Pathlabs, Span Healthcare, Vygon, Global Imaging, cure surgicals, brainlab, recombgen labs, amongst many other reputed organizations. Mr. Anand, a bit woeful about the new GST regime, says that “it is quite a complex narrative and it should be made simpler. We do not get our payments on time but still have to file GST on time. The overall system requires simplification”. Working with a marketing team that is totally in place and works almost around the clock to achieve targets is one nuance that has helped the company plod on with quick pace and gait. However, most of the work that comes their way is via word-of-mouth publicity that comes by due to the goodwill that they have garnered with the positive work ethos they maintain within their realms. Though “we have a pan-India presence, our primary successful pockets in the country besides Delhi NCR include Mumbai, Gujarat, Kolkata, Bihar, Orissa and Punjab”.

Custom clearance, as such is not just tedious, but also very essential work that is necessary to ensure the proper exchange of goods within the country and from outside of it. Making such that this process occurs within the given timeframe and with the minimum of fuss is a big challenge. It is companies like Akanksha Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd., with their expertise in this given field, that this tough dynamic appears simple and performable. This company, with its line of professionalism, has people that help the others cross the complex barriers of custom clearance in the segment of medical technologies and equipment. Agents that are seasoned with experience, intelligence, and know-how, this company has a sizeable and a much desired work portfolio that shows of no-grievance narratives of its customer base. A tried and trusted name in this business, the Delhi-based organization, is ISO 9001: 2008-certified, and is also stamped with CHA, FFI, and DCCAA certifications. It is also involved in sea and air freight forwarding, warehousing, et al lines of work.

As they say, some things in life are ordained. It thus seems that the professional sojourn of Mr. Vinod Anand in this field too had some higher power at work to start with. He was a senior manager in a nationalized bank. A friend, into logistics work, egged him into pursuing something like this after he lent him a helping hand, and the rest was history. Whatever is set out for a person in this lifetime by the superior orders from the higher-most pious authorities does happen. So certainly seems the case with Mr. Anand and his journey in this line so far. The core area that Mr. Anand deals in, of medical goods, is more complicated in customs clearance than the other goods and services are. Hence, it requires an able and sharp mind to navigate through the complex streams of work mechanics here. It is the stark and real-time knowledge base and the ability to comprehend difficult processes and procedures of the team at Akanksha Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. that is able to handle this portfolio of operations.

Incidentally,some of the other awards this company has bagged include the best CHA 2016 by India Cargo and the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the top 20 entrepreneurs in India 2015 by the Parvaz Media Group, the Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award in 2014, and these and many more such accolades rest prettily with Mr. Anand. It is also true that some things come in small-size packages and they do exceedingly well in life. Let us consider the times of inception at this company. Mr. Vinod Anand began this sojourn with an initial investment of just Rs 80,000. Today, he is known to do timely delivery within one to two days of clearance time, and provide value for money to his clients and customers. Branch/associate offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore help his work functioning all across the length and the breadth of the country. The commitment to work ethics is cent-percent here and this is the one ground rule that does not change or is compromised in any which way at Akanksha Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Thus, it stands to reason and to logic, more than anything else that the blueprint designed by Akanksha Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd to achieve turnover to the order of Rs 300 crore and above within the coming half-decade, as mentioned earlier, will actually and factually be realized. This is the one certainty that is set to come true, come what may.

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