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March 22, 2021
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March 27, 2021


Décor, gifts, and decoration are three hugely positive words. They are the harbingers of joy, happiness, positivity, radiation, and charm. They stand for the nuances of life that usher in a sensibility of grace and eloquence. They bring smiles to the faces of human beings all around the world. They herald in gratitude to the form of the lives of not just those that receive gifts from their well-wishers but even happier moments of being able to give joy to the countenances of those that give them. Sheetal Mercantile Pvt. Ltd., based in Sahibabad, is a company exporting decorative paper, et al, meant for gift wrapping. Such dynamics ring true for this unit, with Mr. Pulkit Chawla, director, Sheetal Mercantile Pvt. Ltd. heading its operations. Referred to as the “best company involved in the exports of decorative paper”, Mr. Chawla informs categorically that “we started our work odyssey with 450 containers and have scaled up to 600 containers annually with passing time and tide”.  Armed with two manufacturing units in Sahibabad for production purposes, the company is set to enhance its capacity by establishing one more facility very soon. To add further weight to the list of accolades, Mr. Chawla states that “we rank at the number one position in this industry and have managed to retain over and above 90% of our clients for the past ten years”. In addition, the company notches up a good many numbers of brownie points since it clocks in timely delivery cent percent of the time. Exports to the U.S.A., U.K., Norway, Sweden, Italy, and some other parts of Europe are successfully undertaken and executed by this firm.

Work is done on the steam of three molar machines, amongst a huge array of other equipment. An addition of five molar machines is presently underway. With the SEDEX, F.S.C., and B.S.C.I. “A” grade certifications in its plume of feathers, this 400 employee strong company was formed in 1992 with an initial investment of only about one lakh rupees. At the time of inception, it was spear-led by Mr. J.L. Chawla, grandfather of Mr. Pulkit Chawla. His father, Mr. Ajay Chawla is also a director with the company and the triumphant trio whole-heartedly participates in the proceedings of this professional sojourn. Mr. Pulkit joined hands with the two senior members of his filial clan in 2008 and brought in the exports faction into their domain. Having completed his school studies from the elitist Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, he went on to do his graduation from I.I.L.M., also based in the national capital. Incidentally, the marketing wing here is given solidarity and a shot in the arm via partaking in the Paper World Exhibition in Germany each year in the month of January. Says Mr. Pulkit Chawla with a smile, “our products are cost-effective and reliable as compared to the Chinese counterparts. So also, we are also far more quality-conscious in our final roll-up”.

The revenues earned by this firm talk their own magic to the end user and to the avid reader. The annual turnover in March 2020 was Rs 106 crore. However, this amount is set to dip to about Rs 95 crore by March 2021, obviously due to the slowdown brought about by the global pandemic. Mr. Chawla does not have any grievances against the present governmental regime and is satisfied with the G.S.T. system. Believing that the “last three-odd years or so were good for business,” he does rue the “past one year due to the menace brought about by COVID-19”. Satisfied that the image of our home country has become substantially better in the recent past in global platforms, Mr. Chawla proudly preens that “these days a large number of European countries and even others prefer India-based products over the others due to our high conscience in terms of the final quality, delivery time, and quick recap on any grievance they may have had”. All this, as per his view, has become possible due to the sincere and dedicated efforts of the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. Mr. Pulkit is also thankful for the relationship-building exercises that his team and he have been able to manage with most of their clients. For example, says he affably, “we began with work to the tune of 7800 euros with one Norway-based company. Today, this vibe has snowballed into four lakh euros worth of business with them”. Such success tidbits have helped Sheetal Mercantile Pvt. Ltd. become a big name in its segment of business.

This company sources its raw material including polyester films, paper, dyes, et al, from the domestic Indian market itself. Certified as a one-star export house from D.G.F.T. , the stalwarts of this firm subscribe their success story also to their research and development work for which “we spend about one crore rupees each year”. Mr. Chawla has a number of reasons chalked up to give credit to for the success story his forefathers and he have been able to chart out. Other than the obvious good quality credence, he speaks gratefully and thankfully for “never defaulting in the timings and being able to adhere to the strictest of schedules at all times”. Says he, whenever the order is forwarded to the freight in-charge, our people make it a point to track it till it reaches the doorstep of the client. He is also crystal clear in the working ethos his family and he maintain within their premises. They, more than anything else, are keen to make India proud and not letting their home nation down at any cost. The other diehard mechanics he hopes to be able to achieve is to supersede China in the exports faction in his line of work. Hoping to notch up a figure of grossing Rs 200 crore or more within the next half-decade, Mr. Chawla is exhilarant about the newly-started arm of luxury crackers that he and his executives have recently delved into. Asserts this hardworking head of Sheetal Mercantile Pvt. Ltd., “we have supplied to only about 40 organizations from all over the world till date since we began our operations”. A strong team, with Mr. Kartik Shirke, marketing, and Mr. Abhishek, executive, together form the brain and the brawn behind the successful innings here.

This company, that says that “we have been actively involved in manufacturing packaging materials for a number of products applications by creating superlative solutions for diverse sectors”, has the “latest technological know-how of printing and wrapping enables”. The product spectrum here includes high-quality customization in metallic, LWC, hot-foil, laminated, puff, glitter-kraft, multipacks, gift-wraps, ribbons, bows and paper-bags. The founding mechanism on which the core operations around here hinge are the three ps – people, products, and price. The company places its bets on its “people that are our strength, teamwork that is clubbed with respect for each other, and profits that determine how well we utilize the resources at our disposal”. The functioning units have a number of the latest machinery equipment for production purposes and this posse includes eight printing machines, six holography machines, two vacuum metallizers, eleven lamination presses, three mollers, eighteen slitting machines, one embossing unit, five hotfoil stamping machines, one meant for flexo printing, two paper shredders, six bow making units, two egg roll making amenities, and two paper crinkle shredders, along with five coating machines. A further breakdown of the product catalogue here includes glitter wrapping paper, premium puff wrapping paper, premium glitter wrapping paper, rainbow hot foil stamp wrapping paper, holographic and metallic wrapping paper, multipacks, bows and curlings, eggrolls, ribbons, glitter tissue wraps, et al. Some of the top-of-the-line customers in the ranks of Sheetal Mercantile Pvt. Ltd. are Eurowrap, Target, Tedi, Editor Gifts and Cards, Rusta, The Works, Paperchase, Winter Works, Jillson Roberts, Hobby Lobby, The Design Group, All Wrapped Up, Impact Innovations, and many others.

Success, as is obvious, does not come easily to anyone in the corporate world. As touched upon before, the profitable work notches of Sheetal Mercantile Pvt. Ltd. have come by due to huge efforts, inspirational leadership of Mr. J.L. Chawla and Mr. Ajay Chawla, and their continued interest in the running of this organization, along with several other related factors. Mr. Pulkit Chawla and his motivational work ethics that help each of the employee rings in his or her best work for the overall charged-up work ambience here is another reason that contributes its share to the substantially good running at the box office that Sheetal Mercantile Pvt. Ltd. has been able to log in. If their scorecard is to register higher and better profit margins, a continual workflow of positivity in the atmosphere within their manufacturing units is an absolute must. This is the one space that is sacred for this production entity that brings loads of happiness to the lives of those it touches. Hence, it is of value to help this manufacturing workhorse do well so that the stream of joyous and contended people in the name of its customers stay positive and all affirmed up.

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