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February 24, 2021
March 23, 2021

Kunal Sharma,Director, Trojan Hunt India LLP


Prisha Aggarwal


Trojan Hunt India LLP

“Building a secure cyber defense. Globally”. This is the mission statement of Trojan Hunt India LLP. Headquartered in the heart of South Delhi, the Company within a short span of 2 years of its inception, is steadily becoming the most sought-after name in the cyber intelligence space. Founder and Director, Kunal Sharma says, ‘we are a start-up Organisation and began operations with an initial investment of a modest ten lakh rupees.

Just 32 years of age, Kunal beams with a sense of pride, “we have core competence in the field of information security, cyber intelligence, digital forensics and online reputation management. Given the times we live in currently, Government Institutions, Corporates and Individual entities are left with no option but to safeguard themselves digitally. In fact, our core services are widely used in Government-related work.”


Having ‘Hands-on’ on the job experience of over a decade, in January 2019, it dawned upon Kunal that the time was ripe to go independent. Apart from turning Entrepreneur, this also afforded him the latitude to offer unique services and customise them as per the client’s needs. In such a short span, he has made a mark for himself as one of the foremost players in cyber intelligence and information security. Says he, “The work of this unit revolves around the provision of end-to-end solutions in the realm of cyber security. We even offer risk mitigation and risk management by protecting individuals and clients from digital threats of any kind. In addition, the work portfolio includes prevention of hacking of important data at rest, motion& transit and safeguarding the clients from cyber thefts and other malpractices that can cause data loss of any type. Our major clients are corporate organizations, law enforcement agencies and government bodies globally”.


When asked how growing companies as his are coping post-pandemic, he adds ruefully, “ideally, taxation policies and its structure should be simplified and reduced since organizations like ours face a number of negative, road-blocking issues, in this domain”.


Despite these obstacles, Kunal is dreaming big. Talking about his Vision, Mission and future plans as to how he wants to steer the company, he gleefully adds that he envisages opening a unit in foreign waters. Either Dubai, Bahrain, et al, to “have a global footprint and also to fortify our strengths and services” within the next five years. We are looking at increasing our targets to touch the Rs five crore gross mark within the timeframe of the next three years’.


Affably, Kunal Sharma attributes the secret of his success to the “good grace of the lord almighty, hard work, strong ethics and having faith in our capabilities”. He places full confidence in the younger generation of these times and enthusiastically prods them “to become an entrepreneur if one thinks out of the hat with an innovative approach”. Else he recommends, ‘seek and gain experience, wisdom, and expertise, understand the market trends, and then make a foray with your own venture or start-up”.


Kunal Sharma, a B.S. in Information Technology alumni from the Stratford University, U.S.A., and a multi award winning CISO. His work experience includes Information Security services to clients across various domains and at various capacities. In this tenure he has worked for various clients on &offshore especially International Airports in India, ultra HNI’s, Government Institutions, Defense Bodies, Law Enforcement Agencies, World’s largest banks etc. to name a few. Along with this he was also the project head for various technological advancements done by State Police.


Kunal Sharma, to his credit is a certified incident handler, cloud security professional, certified ethical hacker,and certified Lead Auditor on various standards. The company too is equipped with professional certification: ISO 9001: 2015. Having managed to retain his clientele in the recent past by a huge margin. Working on the steam of a team of about fifteen highly motivated employees, this company is pipping up its act for the times to come. All this is evident in the hectic parlays that are scaling up the entire operations. Thus, the ambitious plans for work narratives on the drawing board are intent for charting much bigger successes in the short and long terms.

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