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Jaspal Singh Sawhney,Chairman ,Eagle Group



Jaspal Singh Sawhney, 73 years old, is 3rd Generation entrepreneur. Therefore, the next generation who are also part of the Eagle Group are Fourth generation entrepreneurs. Improvise, innovate, invent are the motto’s to carry on business from Generation to Generation. Having your nose on the ground, consistent hard work, building sustainable businesses all help to carry the work onwards. My Grandfather founded the “Kabaari Bazar” (used spare parts market) in Peshawar. My father founded the largest private trucking company which ferried goods for the British army during the second world war from Mashad, Iran, to Tehran. I built my career manufacturing furniture in Nepal and in Srilanka. Later, I brought new technologies and new products into India. The next generation have made forays in telecommunications, manufacturing, up end restaurants, etc.

Grit and determination are the two key ingredients that work like magic when an organization is trying to indent into any given segment. If the company management, its core team, and its worker ranks have this deadly combination of true grit and a real determination to manufacture, distribute, market, and sell good quality products, and on time, the given company is surely the chosen one to succeed. It will certainly be able to establish its name and fame in the given circa of influence. The Eagle Group of Companies, working with “bringing global alliances home” as its vision and mission of work as per the chairman, Mr. Jaspal Singh Sawhney, is one such establishment. Armed with functional expertise in sales and marketing, research and development, manufacturing, and value added services, this group has forged business partnerships with over 40 leading global manufacturers in India. An employee base of more than 300 people help it chug along in mission critical communication technologies, specialty chemicals, real estate development, premium school housing, and infrastructure projects for airports and hospitality. The group is recognized in the market for its inherent value of being able to forge successful partnerships in both manufacturing and value-added trading. Having debt-free companies with well managed cashflows, are the primary traits for this corporate entity.



According to BS correspondent, the Eagle Group has been into manufacturing in India for the last 10 years. The drive and the force behind all the work in the entire group focuses on enhancing manufacturing capabilities after collaborating with established names from the world over. The energy of the working ranks in this corporation centers on giving true value and meaning to the ‘make in India’ initiative of the Prime Minster, Mr. Narendra Modi. Forging alliances with business partners that can actually and factually help the organization grow in real-time terms is a major priority here. The chunk of investment is directed chiefly into the expanding markets that are professionally scalable, and have a wide potential and real-time scope for bringing in profits and laurels in a sizeable manner.

“Looking forward into the next decade, the Eagle group is actively searching out for new technologies with the aim to establish more manufacturing facilities in India in partnership with global brands. The common underlying theme for these future partnerships would be to manage these operations professionally and operate in market segments which are highly scalable.”

Hameet Singh Sawhney,Director

Karan Singh Sawhney,Director


Mission critical security and broadcast communication technology

Falcon Technologies (P) Ltd &  Falcon Broadcast LLP

The ethos behind this organization is to source the best available technology globally for mission critical applications and value add to it for the Indian subcontinent. The companies specialize in pan-India, multi-faction, multi-vendor large integration projects and have delivered over 350 successful projects in the region. The above-mentioned two Falcon companies, jointly support mission critical infrastructure pan-India, and in friendly neighboring countries. They are one of the leading electronics and communications technologies provider of turnkey solutions for large government infrastructure projects. The companies’ aim to further value add in India by setting up manufacturing facilities in the country to realize the objective of the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, to make India self reliant in high-technology manufacturing. Headed by Mr. Hameet Singh Sawhney and Mr. Karan Singh Sawhney, these group companies wish to drive India towards a bigger and brighter future of self-reliance in the country. Speaking proficiently, the able leaders inform categorically that “we are aiming to touch the figure of USD 250 Million turnover for this unit company within the coming decade”.

The companies’ operations are professionally managed by the MD’s office with all the critical functions being tracked in real time. Each departmental task and activity is monitored and measured weekly, with a stringent look at the cost, quality, and quantity via a unique MIS based tracking system that is both intelligent and real-time.

Group Manufacturing and Joint Ventures

Kenda Farben India Pvt. Ltd

This joint venture was signed in 2007 for manufacturing specialty chemicals in India with Kenda Farben of Italy. The modern, state-of-the-art facility was setup in Noida, and this manufactures high-technology adhesives, varnishes, and intermediates. Presently, this manufacturing outfit is producing a wide range of items including rubber adhesive activators, kendor adhesives, rubber adhesives solvent bases, leather adhesives solvent bases, leather adhesives, natural adhesive activators, finishing creams, grease oil, et al. The products manufactured are extensively used in the leather, shoes, upholstery/furniture, and mattress industries.The stellar factor here, and one that truly deserves a mention in the hall of fame, is that these products that were earlier made in Italy and routed here, are now produced within the country itself, and in exactly the same manner. This feat, no doubt, is worthy and commendable.

Kian Falcon Mfg. LLP

Praveen Kapur, Head, Interior Solutions

This joint venture has been formalized between Kian (Malaysia) and the Eagle Group to provide intelligent furniture solutions to global hospitality brands in India. This JV company sources its designs from the Malaysian counterpart while the production is done in India for faster turn-around times and for accruing local cost advantages. The company is also the first one to manufacture world class airport baggage trolleys in India under the above-mentioned “Make in India” initiative. Some of its top customers include brands such as Subway, Starbucks, Burger King, and KFC. Currently, the entire workflow is directed to reach enviable high targets within the next 3 years. The future of the group rests with investing in products and services which can be run professionally and are scalable.


Footwear Components & Chemicals

Eagle Forgings (P) Ltd.

Gaurav Malik,Head,Specialty Chemicals

This company is the largest supplier of all specialty chemicals adhesives and shoe components for leather and footwear exporters in the entire country. Mr. Gaurav Mallik, is the flag bearer and the head of this company, and he is upbeat and upkeeps the work portfolio here in line with the entire group motto of steely willpower and keeping sensibilities intact at all times. Employee retention is one scorecard that the Eagle Group of Companies prides itself on. Having managed this feat to the tune of 85%in the last few years, this is a considerably commendable feat, no doubt. This group entered the arena of specialty chemicals in 1992. In addition, this unit believes in the group mission statement of sharing profits with the team and not sidelining or individually raking them in. This is another means to an ends to satisfy not just the top management but all the worker ranks and middle-level management too.

Hospitality Supplies

Eagle Forgings

Ajay Khanna,Head,Eagle Forgings

Founded in 1987 to supply equipment to the hospitality industry, this company is also into guest bedroom equipment, table tops, and other housekeeping products like miniature safes, telephones, hair dryers, mirrors, beds, mattresses, kettles, trays among utility items. Says Mr. Ajay Khanna – the head of Eagle Forgings, “finding the best suppliers for the products is a real challenge in this business. However, this has been successfully taken on by us”. The product portfolio is directed towards five star, four star, and three star chain hotels including The Taj Hotels, ITC, Hyatt Regency, Hilton, Lemon Tree, Radisson, Lalit, Sarovar. Most products are sourced from Europe and China. A member of the Hotel Federation, also the president of the All India Hotel & Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers of India, Mr. Khanna is the brain and the muscle behind the smooth running of work here. He, along with his team believe “we are the number one in our segment, and wish to double our business in the coming next half-decade”.


Tonino Italian Restaurants and Cafés

Named after the restaurant Italian celebrity chef, this group of five restaurants was set up in New Delhi- NCR and Chandigarh. Chortle out Mr. Vijay K. Joshi, heading all the operations here, and Ms. Suman Sharma, corporate chef, “we started out in 2004 and our secret ingredient for success is to serve food with warmth. Our personalized services have notched up positive brownie points for us with all our patrons”. Interestingly enough, their wood fire oven pizza is a great hit with the gourmet community.

Suman Sharma,Corporate Chef

Vijay.K.Joshi.General Manager. Operations

The grains are sourced directly from Italy, and olive oil is essential in “our version of cooking”. The cheese is also made based as per the traditional Italian methods as is the tomato peel that “comes with its own signature style statement that is different from the usual fare”. Ms. Sharma, who served with the Hyatt Regency for eight years, and Mr. Joshi, with his experience from Intercontinental, have both worked with the company since the time of inception and are a part of the heart, soul, and spirit, here. Say the dynamic duo, “our interiors are based on those resembling Tuscan villas and hence they manage to capture the imagination of our clients immediately and arrest their attention too with their touch of difference”. Our outlets are a favorite dining place for many top politicians, film stars, business elite czars, sports personalities, and diplomats. Provision of Italian ambience, with good food, and an aesthetic and homely atmosphere all combined together manage to make a very positive impression on the visitors that come in repeat numbers every now and then.

Lasting partnerships that fuel sustainable growth

The foremost cadre that supports the entire group includes Mr. Parmeet Singh Sawhney, Group CEO, Mr. Ajay Khanna, Director, Hospitality solutions, Mr. Praveen Kapur, Director, Infrastructure, Mr. Hameet Sawhney, Director, Technology and Mr. Karan Singh Sawhney, Director, Broadcast & Communication. The radiant, positive, sparks from this terrific group are a rare treat to behold and the energizer motor around these ramparts. The secret of success, as per Mr. Hameet Singh Sawhney, is that pure hard work is what pays dividends at the end of the day. It is the sheer strength of this one quality that is the real challenge to maintain and to upkeep at all times and if a working entity manages to do so, it is motivating and the best driving factor for ensuring healthy profit margins. In addition, “having the right people in the right place and the right time is very essential to ensuring a workable formula for success. The third mantra for ensuring a good running at any box-office is that of good quality systems in place to make sure that the operations are conducted in a smooth and steady fashion and that nothing gets skipped in the procedural line of operations. If this line of flow gets interrupted or breaks down at any point, catastrophe can happen. To avoid any such negativity from coming into the system, simplicity of processes is an absolute must. Ensuring that this happens more often than not, is the primary criteria of the head honchos and those that govern the individual working units.

The one clear message that comes from this house of hard work is that any success story begins with a vision. If the vision is strong enough, and if the leaders behind the vision are strong enough to have it implemented, there is no way that the people cannot be ensured all-round success and they will earn credit points all the way down. Added to this kaleidoscope of work ethos, it is also very much the need of the hour to have full faith and belief in one’s work systems. This faith should be translated and permeate down the work charts right down to the worker line up too. One should have full belief that success is “ours”. Then and only then will it happen and the chant to succeed will be fully realized.

Parmeet Singh Sawhney,Director.

“Our group has withered the pandemic storm efficiently by keeping each business head completely aligned and motivated, the entire group rallied behind each struggling businesses and made them successful again. The mantra of our success has always been Trust and Teamwork” affably remarks Mr. Parmeet singh Sawhney, the group CEO.

At the Eagle Group of Companies, the transition to having a viable work system has occurred due to constant and regular monitoring of all functions and activities. “We watch our people with care and mentor them in all aspects of work and life, and proceed with patience at every step”. This is one golden rule that seems to have paid dividends to the core here. Of course, the top management cadre has faith in its worker ranks right down till the endpoint. However, there are monitoring checks that have been installed all along the way. Lethargy or laziness of any kind is just not tolerated here. One has to have that “fire in the belly” to commit to achieving the goals come whatsoever may, and this is considered an unparalleled quality that precedes all others. In this manner, says Mr. Sawhney, “we strive to get a year’s work in a quarter, a quarter’s work in a month, and month’s work in a week. This is the miracle of keeping a close guard on all that is happening within the company premises and stead.

At end point, it is necessary to note that this group is one that is lead by motivating the entire lineup of people that are associated with all its companies. Right from the charge d’affairs to the lowermost rung of the ladder operators, each employee is credited with their achievements and constantly motivated. Hence, they feel gratified enough to put in their best efforts possible to garner good end results for their superiors and themselves, alike. This is underlying spirit that helps in revving up the work motors at the Eagle Group of Companies and these are the dynamics that have worked in their favor right from the time of inception, and till date. It is these very narratives that inspire, and are the actual and factual force here. These very ‘oxygen’ vibes were, are, and will continue to bring in higher revenues and bigger, better, profits in the que sara sara times up ahead.




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