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Mr Karan and Mrs Ranjit Kaur, Partners,Concept Next


Interiors and architectural nuances of building spaces is a fascinating arena to work in. It calls for creativity unlimited and a free and highly talented mindset to come up with something that is truly spectacular and practical at the same time. Mr. Karan and Mrs. RanjitKaur is a duo that is well-known for the sheer strength of their creative odysseys in this field. At the helm of affairs in Concept Next of New Delhi, they are involved in commercial and residential turnkey projects for buildings meant for residential purposes. They have managed to mark out a niche area for their company in the realm of architecture and interior designing of offices and high-end bungalows. Mrs. Kaur, with a B.Arch. degree from the Indian Institute of Architecture, says that “we do imports from China, Italy, and Spain for our clients” through our sister concern Hefner Overseas Pvt Ltd. A trusted name in project management consultancy, “we rank in the top five players in terms of the quality of our work”. Mr. Karan, a diploma in civil engineering-holder, informs about “completing around 60 turnkey projects per annum. Of this gambit, we undertake close to ten to twelve big-size residential bungalows each year”.

The company provides service consultancy and logs a turnover of Rs 1 Cr. for the two-company combine. Till date, this firm has completed work on approximately 500 houses. Some of the clients of this organization include Unity Group, Maxfort Schools, Mr. Vijender Gupta MLA, HaldiramBhujiwala, Girish Switches, Gupta Toys Corporation,sample flat Max Heights, et al.

The principles of VaastuShastra are kept in mind here, and the primary U.S.P. of this company is that “we see practicality in our projects, and also use aesthetics to our advantage in our field. For example, the kitchen should be simple to maintain so that the lady-of-the-house or whosoever is managing it should not have a tough time, and, in addition, its overall planning should be consistent”. Always innovating new designing techniques and incorporating the newest of them in the design plan is the core value system at Concept Next. Working with staff strength of 15 employees, Mr. Karan believes that “we have had a good run in the business till now and we get a viable number of contracts via positive word-of-mouth publicity”. Setting the core ethos of ‘hard work is the single-most important key to success and more so in this line of work’, Mrs. Kaur also underlines the importance of the grace of the lord in not just getting projects for work but also for ensuring their successful and on-time completion across the board.

Having begun their professional innings in 2003 by starting from scratch literally speaking, this company has managed to etch out a position for itself in its spectrum “ahead of its competitors”. Giving a healthy pay scale to the employees and being able to retain them all without any compromise is a major feat at Concept Next. The buildings created and erected by them are as per the norms of earthquake-resistant structures, incidentally. As touched upon before, it is unparalleled creativity that begets good results and a positive outcome in the field of interiors and architectural outpourings. Mr. Singh and Mrs.Kaur are more than satisfied with their present lot of operations and have a truly well-entrenched setup in their line of expertise. They seem content with what is happening in their professional domains and have their sight set on certain taskforce in the times to come.

Continual growth mechanics of their company, keeping abreast of the new technological dynamics that come up to improve the work-line essence of their job, and managing to make healthy and worthwhile profits all at the same time, are the three parameters that any businessman would aim for. Likewise, this couple too has such plans charted out on its blueprint of ‘to-do’ lists in the near future. It sure is obvious that their present game plan of giving their best to what comes along in their way is working very well and giving the desired outcome. Thus, the que-sara-sara times are also lined up with a similar working narrative that is all set to pay bigger and brighter results.

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