Hybrid Ultra-Low deep Freezer donated to Bara Hindu Rao Hospital

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February 23, 2021
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February 24, 2021

Kanwar Deep Singh,M.D,Aircon Engineers (p) LTD,Extreme Left

AIRCON ENGINEERS (P) LTD develops a hybrid ultra-low deep freezer, first of its kind, donates to Bara Hindu Rao Hospital, under the ASHRAE India Chapter’s sustainability programme.

ASHRAE India chapter has always championed the cause of sustainability and have carried out various sustainability activities starting year 2013 to this day. ASHRAE India Chapters sustainability initiatives include distribution of solar lanterns in the village (Mali Gabini-Village Chamoli) in year 2013, 15 Solar lanterns were distributed to the villagers of Malihar at Sagar School, Village Baghor, Rajasthan in year 2014. In same year, a 5 Kw solar plant was installed in village Chamoli, Uttarakhand which lit up 28 houses. A solar cold storage was handed over to the village Bachele, Uttar Pradesh in year 2017. In year 2019, 70 solar lanterns were distributed to the villagers of Baghor, Alwar under chapter sustainability activity.

The year 2019 saw the onset of Covid-19, and the search began for a vaccine. As the world was going through the development of the vaccine, a major issue that was being discussed was the storage for the Pfizer brand of the vaccine at -80℃. Mr. KD Singh had a major episode with covid-19 in Oct 2020 which motivated him to develop this product and give it back to the community.

Aircon Engineers Pvt. Ltd., led by its managing director Mr. KD Singh, a thirty-year-old company in the field of air-conditioning volunteered to develop this storage facility which would be energy efficient and could work on solar power.Under the brand name of PRECISE, aultra-low 150 liters hybrid deep freezer has been developed by the company. This deep freezer can maintain temperature as low as -80℃.PRECISE AIR TERMINAL PRODUCTS PVT. LTD is the sister company of Aircon Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

The Ultra-low deep freezer has a number of features like a PID controller for accurate control of temperature, dual refrigeration cycle to ensure a faster temperature pull down, audio visual alarms for high temperature, visual alarms for open door, compressor on and power on. Settable points of high and low temperature, high/low temperature alarm point and buzzer mute. It has a storage capacity of 6Cuft,which can house 1500 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. The primary source of power is solar and the secondary is the grid power. The solar panel and net metering have been done by AEPL in partnership with ETHOS POWER, a Gurgaon based solar company. The hybrid ultra-low deep freezer is the first of its kind.

Mr. KD Singh who is the sustainability chair at the ASHRAE India chapter is also the president elect to the Delhi chapter of ISHRAE.This activity has also been actively promoted by the Delhi chapter of ISHRAE under their advocacy programme.

The initiative of bringing ASHRAE and AIRCON to Bara Hindu Rao hospital was from Radhika Abrol poughatji, the municipal councilor Safdarjung enclave. This noble activity would not have seen the light of the day without Radhikaji’s support.

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