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Shyam.S.Shekhawat ,MD Vijay Lakshmi Labels Pvt Ltd


Barcodes is one labeling narrative that seems to have taken over the entire culture of storing, warehousing, and shopping, per se. A company that has staked in fortunes in this segment and established its name for high-class quality here is Vijay Laxmi Labels Pvt. Ltd. Says Mr. Shyam S. Shekhawat, managing director of this Ghaziabad-based firm, “we are also into self-adhesive labels including hologram labels, jewelry labels, and security-related labels”. This company, that figures within the club of the top three firms in terms of good quality regimes, is also the authorized national distributor for Kores India for printers and its national authorized support center, too. The organization, an ISO 9001:2015-certified unit, has another claim to fame. “We are known for our timely delivery as well”.

Growing at the rate of 20% each year for the last three years, this firm logged a turnover of Rs 5.5 crore in March 2020. Working with an employee headcount of 30, Mr. Shekhawat deserves to be credited for providing salaries to his workforce during the tough times of the global pandemic. Interestingly, the Shekhawat brothers have a consortium of eleven companies jointly and sync in turnovers of about Rs 100 crores collectively. Having moved from one winning combination of products and services to another, this family has toasted well-deserved success in the true sense of the word. Incidentally, the raw material used for the product line-up here is of premium standards.

Initially, only MNCs existed in the arena of barcode printers. Now this entire work narrative including trading in these ramparts has been taken on by Vijay Laxmi Labels Pvt. Ltd. Integration with SAP Systems too has been effected and a four people team is involved in software development in this range too. Labeling themselves as a “one stop shop for labels, barcodes, and barcode printers”, Mr. Shekhawat, a post graduate in the science stream, garnered work experience for two years before branching off on his own steam. He firmly believes that “all is well if one’s attitude towards work is positive and healthy”. No issues with the government and none in the financial realms is the happy state of existence of this company. Mr. Shekhawat opines that the last two to three years have been his best in terms of getting the kind of output he desired, in the total of 23 years of functionality that this company has had.

Founded in 1997, informs Arindam Ray, its pre-sales consultant, “this professional enterprise was started with scratch amounts of investment, and has metamorphosed into a company that has always managed to retain its loyal clientele base”. Beginning its work ethos as ‘Vijay Lakshmi Marketing Systems’, it became a private limited enterprise in 2007. At present, the quota of work here is to the tune of 50,000 square meters of labels.

A manufacturing setup at Vapi spread over an area of 300 square meters and offices in Lucknow and Jaipur are listed in the company profile of Vijay Laxmi Labels Pvt. Ltd. Winning an enviable award in 2018 for outstanding achievement in the barcode industry made Mr. Shekhawat an extremely proud person. Also the president of A.I.D.C. Technologies Association of India, this is another feather in his cap. Under his guidance, this organization has grown from one with 80 members to one with 200 members. Mr. Shekhawat has full faith that the A.I.D.C., that is responsible for getting new technologies into the country, does not have any limitations. It caters to one and all and provides solutions and suggestions to the government of India in the segments in which it direly needs help and support.

Gearing for the assembly of barcode printers in India from April 2021 is on the anvil here. A network of up to 1,000 channel partners is slated to be ready ASAP. At Vijay Laxmi Labels Pvt. Ltd., it is stringently believed that “hard work is the primary slate of all successes. Investment in the right direction, sheer providence, faith in each working member of the team, et al” is the mantra for sure-shot success and good credentials for the entire setup. With such an enchanting work dynamic that revs up the engine of this company, it is no surprise that it has come such a long way and is looking atenhancing its innings further in the near future.


Written and Compiled by Deepak Khattar,Editor,Business Sphere

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