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Rajesh Gupta,Proprietor Ambition Gifts


It’s all in a name. Or so say all of us. If this idiom is true, ‘Ambition Gifts’ of New Delhi surely have their name etched out in the sun. Ambition is what surcharges and fires up the belly for producing good stuff that not just sells but also brings back the user segment asking for more and more. This is the bottom-line governing factor that actually takes stock of what is happening in the production and selling teams and helps them get the necessary ‘oxygen’ to beget bigger and better profits. Dealing in heat press machines, sublimation inks, consumables, raw materials, and corporate gifts, says Mr. Rajesh Kr. Gupta, proprietor of this unit, “we have strived very hard to create a viable and profitable place for ourselves in this line”. An MBA pass-out in marketing from the famed Ishan Institute of Management Training, Greater Noida, Mr. Gupta accumulated job experience for about two years before delving into this new business.

Stores at the Pacific Malls in Subhash Nagar and Anand Vihar of New Delhi, one in Rajpur Road, Dehradun, and another in the DLF Mall of India, Noida, constitute the nitty-gritty marketing and retailing details here. In addition, this company undertakes exports of its machinery line-up to nations like Nepal and Dubai. Having turned in with Rs 6 crore in March 2020, after beginning in 2011 with an investment of one lakh rupees, they expect to cross the Rs 12 crore grossings mark in upcoming March 2021 for the financial year 2020-2021. The firm is an authorized distributor from Silhouette of the US, Skycut of China & also authorized distributor of Neenah Coldenhove. Clients for such produce include Ferns ‘n’ Petals, Electric Micro (P) Ltd. of Gujarat, Tanisha Prints of Jaipur, and Abhishek Printes, et al. Customers from six union territories of the country as well as 29 states are catered to here. Working with no support or funding from anyone, Mr. Gupta presently is not servicing only the Andaman Islands of all the places in the India.

Ambition Gifts has a set of plaudits up its sleeve. Winning the ‘bronze’ award from the Income Tax Department in 2019 and a certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Finance are some of its feathers in the plume. The secret of success here is “to make decisions keeping the end-user in mind. Focus is very important in this business. Negativity of any kind should be converted to positivity at all costs to make sure that the consequences of all the hard work are fruitful and motivating in nature”. Working on the steam of 18 employees, the U.S.P. here is that “we have a vast range of machines under one roof and the client is able to have his or her pick from them without moving around from pillar to post”. Efforts are on to expand the purview of this business to include ware like UV wall printing machines. Mr. Gupta is aiming to work towards forging technical tie-ups too. He strongly believes that “you should earn your people and they will earn for you. Money is a mere by-product. All people should be treated at par and respectfully. I follow the glorious innings, principles, and the ideas of Mr. Ratan Tata. He talks of developing a good team and never losing hope, belief, or faith in them”.

The company proffers sublimation mugs, T-shirts, cushion covers, wooden clocks, et al, too. Founded in 2008, the ethos of this organization is “connecting aspirations by proffering innovative items for gifting that take complete cognizance of the customers’ requirements”. The claim to fame of Ambition Gifts is that it is the nation’s largest sublimation blank supplier, among having other feats worth admiration and appreciation. The new set of mini-laser machines and ultraviolet machines from this workhouse are based on impact design and provide high-class printing techniques on paper, plastic, or even wood.

Ambition Gifts has more than 2,500 products in the works’ on a national scale and have a network of more than 3,300 customers, globally. Its first retail kiosk was setup in New Delhi. It also takes care of consumables like heat tapes and transfer papers. A 500-gift item roll-call that is customizable including glasses, tiles, and photo rocks is rolled out here. Good quality is ensured for the full satisfaction of the product line of this company. The spectrum of spin-outs from Ambition Gifts is inclusive of school bags and wooden photo frames as well. Fast delivery of the orders is yet another credit point scored at Ambition Gifts. Thus, the thumb rule at this home for gifts is to carefully observe what exactly the customer desires and wishes for, and then go ahead at full throttle to fulfill the entire listing. This is what has helped Ambition Gifts etch out its tally in the minds, hearts, and souls, of its end user segment that is not just happy with its work but comes back to it over and over again to satiate its cravings for such fine detailed finesse of the end products. Repeat orders and not just looking for new clients is what makes any product and services company chug along towards good times. This is the diehard mantra and the chant that is practiced at Ambition Gifts and this very philosophy is the beginning and the end line of all things prosperous here.

Written by : Mrs Rinky Marwaha. Famous Writer and Blogger .



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