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Formulae and formulations. When it comes to chemical-oriented companies, it is the charm of these three words that is the high point in the list of priorities. As and when this magic mantra works, one can have an effortless combination of how to go about working out a deadly pack of winner strategies, products, and services, whichever the case may be. In this particular case study in discussion, that of Mitsui Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd., based in New-Delhi, says Suraj Arya, Managing Director, “our chant of work ethics is strictly to be very well disciplined in whatever we do and go at it with full gusto and power mechanics”.

Primarily, a Japanese MNC, this company proffers employment to a total of about 50 personnel on deck of which close to 25-30 are dedicated to sales and marketing activities. Involved in the manufacture of P.P. compounds andP.U.Foams for the Auto(Mobility)  sector and their ilk, Mitsui Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. is a heavy-duty giant in the segment of Polymers . Armed with two manufacturing facilities in India in Ahmedabad, this chemicals corporation also has established production units all across the Globe .

Apart from Mobility Sector ,Mitsui has a strong Market  presence in the following Industrial Orbs – Food & packaging industry, Healthcare sector,Basic Chemicals, and the Next Generation Materials section.

  • Mobility business sector: Company has wide range of products for Automotive Industry, which contribute in enhancing the fuel efficiency of vehicles. Major products areElastomers ,PP Sheets,EPDM Rubber, TPV, Adhesive Resins etc.
  • Food & Packaging business sector: Company provide one stop solution the packaging industry by offering various kind of products. Chemipearl (Water based Heat Seal Coatings), water based Barrier Coatings, specialty films (BOPE, CPE, High barrier films, fresh ness keeping films etc.) are the widely sold products in the Food &Packaging Segment.Considering the market direction towards sustainable packaging, company is closely working with the partners (Brand owners, converters & machine makers) of packaging value chains and providing sustainable packaging solutions.
  • Healthcare business sector: The Health Care Sector has the products which are primarily focused to enhance the human life by providing innovative solutions such as High performance lenses technology , harmful UV protection and Anti fog solutions for best visual clarity and protection in Vison care segment and also several products in dentistry segment. In pharmaceutical segment, Serine and Taurine are well known products
  • Basic Chemicals: Company is actively involved in trading of basic chemicals (TDI, MDI, BPA) which goes into construction, Industrial applications. As corporate mission for supporting to reduce carbon footprints, company is producing Bio based Polyol in India.
  • Next Generation business: For supporting the market needs, company has established a world class solar panel testing laboratory in Ahemdabad.

Incidentally, Mitsui has managed to corner a large segment of the market share of PP compounds utilized in cars. Interestingly, these are a mixture of polypropelene resins, fillers, and modifiers that have bettered specific functionalities.

Customization of these highly specialized formulations can be undertaken at the company. These chemicals are used for automobile bumpers, instrument panels, pillars, and as other piece parts and components. So also, other than proffering lens material that aid and abet in making the vision better, this company targets at addressing this cumbersome issue at its very core. This effort hopes to create a product range that would help in bringing in a healthy, secure, and long-lived social strata of perfection. We all know that UV rays harm the eyes. What we may or may not know is that the rays of short wavelengths also are damaging for our peepers. Hence, the lens material needs to be suitably modified to take care of this aspect as well. This is something that the powers that be of Mitsui Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. hope to look into and bring a very viable solution for. In addition, the company aims to bring in newer technicalities in the arena of baby diapers. The fabric used for this purpose should be soft, very much in harmony with the skin of the babies, et al. Mitsui has managed to develop a stretchable non-woven fabric by making use of special techniques. This reduces the discomfort level of the infants and toddlers wearing the diapers. Making thin films for packaging food items is another arena being explored at Mitsui. The material used for this film should be long-lasting, extremely strong, et al. It should provide the resilience needed for not letting unwanted elements like dust and pollen grains enter the food item it is packaging.


This company, that has logged in turnovers of about Rs 250 crore in the financial year ending March 2020, and about Rs 225 crore the year before, is growing at a rate of 15-20% per year. An extremely well-equipped R&D center near Chibain Japan is the nodal hub for all development-related activities for this company in question. Having set sail in the year 2008 in India, this firm is spear-led by Mr. Arya, Beginning its professional innings with making compounds and adhesives, Mr. Arya aims to bring in the latest and the very best of technologies into India and plays the role of a thorough techno-commercial professional to the hilt. Working in tandem with other top management personnel like Mr. Suzuki Shigeo, Deputy Managing Director  and Mr. Atsumu Shimizu, a very functional affiliate and supportive agent for the automotive division, has no doubt paid big-time dividends for this conglomerate.

Diversification plans that this company is set to embark on and desires to undertake include manufacturing agro chemicals. Mr. Arya, a firm believer in the philosophy of manufacturing on Indian premises, ardently hopes to pursue this desire even more. Retaining more than 95% of its employees over the years and more so since the last half-decade is a real pointer towards the ethical policies strictly followed here. Employees are encouraged to make and take their own decisions and the work environment is highly conducive towards motivation and also towards a system of good rewards, compensation, pay scales, and other paraphernalia in the pay packets.

Working towards touching the Rs 500 crore mark within the coming five years is the top-notch point in the to-do list here. The company does not rue any government policy and has not done so till now. “We believe in working as per the norms and conditions chalked down by the authorities of the day”. Other segments presently being explored into for foraying include trading activities. Mr. Arya adheres to the opinion that “my key strength lies with my customers. The connection I have with them is remarkable. Hence, I will be able to bring in suitable product lines into the Indian terrain without much problems or issues”. Being involved in the territory of making resins was another outing of this company that had positive outcomes. A firm hand on controlling the infrastructural parameters, imbibing a set of properly laid-out disciplinary regulations, et al, have managed to make this firm roll out its produce in an orderly and tuned-in fashion. Using bio-based P.U. material is the trend of the times as against the earlier systems of using petro-based inputs. Placing newer generation tools, techniques, and trades into use has made Mitsui a highly valued and prestigious company in its chosen ranks.

Clearly labeling “hard work, destiny, the Good God’s Grace, thirst to learn and imbibe more and more, having an inherent sensibility of interest in things that hold importance and can help us change our systems towards better and brighter ones” as factors responsible for “this success story”, Mr. Arya does not flounder while mentioning that this is “my message to any reader or anyone that wants to make a leap into this line of work”. “The effort to keep patience going, having the powerful belief of investing in the Indian market, and keep moving forward after learning from mistakes in the past are the other wish-list criteria that have proven themselves as solid benchmarks that really have carved our professional journey”.

Figuring within the elite club of the top two to three players in the auto sector as far as elastomers are concerned is one of the important Portfolio positioning of this company. Mr. Arya is quick to point out that the activities undertaken by Mitsui Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. “are those that have not yet been ventured into by any other company in our gambit or circa of influence”. Such is the ephemeral confidence that Mitsui-ites have in themselves and in whatever they do. Working with an ethos – “we believe that ideas that surprise the world and make it a comfortable place to live in are certainly born from a drastic change in thinking. Chemistry has the power to create things from a new perspective, producing one from zero. We at Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., use our reliable strengths to provide solutions for the future centered an inability, health care, and food and packaging”. So also, the vision of this firm is that “chemistry must play a prominent role in addressing a variety of social issues. Keeping in mind our corporate mission and guidelines, we at Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., are promoting a variety of solutions aimed at ensuring sustainable development in harmony with society, while looking at the present and imaging the future”. The corporate mission, so to say, is to contribute sincerely to society for high-quality products and services through investment in and the creation of materials while maintaining harmony with the global environment”.


Considering  the Indian Government Directions in the Renewable Energy Sector,  Solar power generation is yet another side-stepped issue being taken very seriously at Mitsui Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd . It has set up a Sprawling Solar Module Testing  Laboratory  at Ahmedabad,Gujarat .In all, it is apparent and obvious that this firm is largely involved in sectors that vastly contribute towards ushering in bigger and better societal standards for a number of industries including Mobility ,food packaging and healthcare, et al. Thus, the morale we carry back home is that there is a very high level of able responsibility resting on the shoulders of Mr. Arya and his brat-pack of employees and staffers. That they choose to exhibit extreme care and caution in all they do is very much clearly the writing on the wall and it is this that makes them stand out amongst all the frontrunners in their field of commendable action.

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