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October 28, 2020
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October 28, 2020

The golden rule for a long haul innings

The elitist club of the top-most five manufacturers in the given segment is a highly-recommended spot to be in. Here, for example, we have Shree Krishna Impex of New Delhi. Dealing primarily in electrical transmission contacts, this company was established in 2007. Having logged in very good volume net sales in 2019-20, as per Mr. Anuj Aggarwal, proprietor, Shree Krishna Impex, “we had begun this foray with a small initial investment of approximately Rs 2 crore”.

The product portfolio breakup of this firm is inclusive of M.C.B.s, relays, and other electrical circuitry nitty-gritty. Continues Mr. Aggarwal smilingly, “we have registered about 10% growth in the past three to four years.” Our R&D budget is in the region of Rs 10 lakh”, he adds. At Shree Krishna Impex, they believe in having no grievances towards the government and strive towards attaining the complete satisfaction of their customer ranks. Its U.S.P. is to configure all its actions towards maintaining its word of honor, and becoming a pioneer in this manufacturing trade. The listing of the top ten clientele of this establishment includes Bajaj Electricals, Phillips, Morphy Richards,SSK Engineering,Boparai Electricals,Blue Bird Power Systems and Havells India, et al. The target mission and vision here is to achieve greater heights and to touch the magical figure of Rs 10 crore turnovers in a given financial year. Other paraphernalia from this house of electrical piece parts is bimetal contacts, copper tungsten tips, iron tungsten contact rivets, silver cadmium oxide contacts, silver nickel contacts, and other button contacts, et al. Mr. Aggarwal, a well-known personality in the business circles of repute, possesses relevant expertise, required relevant experience, analytical business acumen, and technical skill. He has managed to effectively stamp in an enviable presence in his chosen field of operations.

At end-point, it is important to note that the takeaway message from success sagas like that of Shree Krishna Impex, is that “one should continuously plod on towards manufacturing and selling products that are of high quality, have a method of production that is fool-proof and no one can meddle with, and organize effective timing schedules for the delivery for the given orders. The one other equally, if not more important aspect in this entire affair of selling produce that is not just acceptable but also fetches in repeat production assignments is that one should strictly adhere to rules of sincerity, dedication, and integrity in all the associations and linkups, be those of personal or professional nature. If one can incorporate such ethical tactics in the collaborations one partakes in, a long route towards a successful innings automatically gets converted into a short and simple pathway. This is the only golden principle that those that are in for a long haul in their work should remember.

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