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October 28, 2020
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Quality reigns. Quality controls. Quality is totally and fully supreme. If the chosen path of work of any company is such, it will surely manage to make its mark somewhere in the annals of time. By fortuitous coincidence, Horizon  Bioceuticals Pvt. Ltd., with its production hub in Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh, and its administrative office in Panipat, is one such corporate entity. Says Mr. Manoj Garg, director, “we believe in keeping a strict vigil on our quality regime in all segments of the work culture that we cheerlead”. A division of Curewell Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., this firm is one in an umbrella of three companies, incidentally. Working with a capacity of 70,000 liquid syrup bottles and 50,000 tubes of ointment per day, this successful enterprise is majorly also into effective manufacturing tablets and capsules for medical consumption.

Working on the steam of “only local makers specifically”, this firm rates extremely high in several fields in its arena of operations including “anti-inflammatory tablets”. Churning out 30 lakh tablets and two lakh capsules each day is its capacity, a number to be proud of and to preen about happily enough for. A GMP-certified ethos in which 90% of the clients go home all happy and satisfied is the whole-sole work narrative here. Having begun this medical supplies odyssey as a wholesale unit in Rajasthan is a vibe that pops up in Mr. Garg’s walk down the memory lane. Curewell is a unit that set sail in 1995 and this companies’ fold also has Mr. Ashok Gugnani and Mr. Charanjit Arora at the helm of all important and essential affairs.

A workforce with 550 people in its wake, the organization in discussion stands at the numero uno position in the spectrum of generic medicines. The wide range of products in its personal portfolio is all set to make its indent into the category of a Rs 300 crore flagship unit within the coming two years. “A good basket of pharmaceutical products” is the manner in which Mr. Sharma mentions and talks about his range of medical goodies. Packaging in the similar overtunes of Cadila and Cipla Laboratories et al is a plus point in its repertoire.

The diversification plans around here include making a headlong delve into “injections”. The three partners, Mr. Manoj Garg, Mr. Ashok Gugnani, and Mr. Charanjit Arora are all charged up about the new dynamics and have synchronized and well-essayed up tones of the fruitful past. They strongly believe that the government should not think of industrialists as thieves and pitch in its best line for all work forums that help in boosting productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing medical fraternity. Prosecution of malpractices in the medical community is very necessary since this sector is a delicate one in which the nature of work revolves around the sensitive narratives of public health.

Modern day licensing is the one aspect of things that is scrutinized and should be scrutinized under a microscope and as thoroughly as is possible. Armadilloed with a testing laboratory in its armament depot of sorts is another placard at this medical hub center. Dry syrups and drops, external preparations, protein powder, cosmetics, soaps, ayurvedic preparations, green tea, and nutra-ceutical preparations et al are some other items from this house of medical paraphernalia. The wholesome trio of amiable frontrunners here has a very viable message for our readers. Chime out they, “transparency of operations is an absolute must in all ethical workplaces as ours. In addition, maintaining all professional commitments is a real challenge that should be taken up in all seriousness and earnestness”. So also, clarity of mind and heart even in all business-related nuances is a way of life for all of us, here. The good God’s grace is the one weapon that has its magical aura around these three companies. It is this one factor that “stands us in good stead in all time and at all times, be it whatever or whatsoever the matter”. It is sheer hard-work that works its spell each and every time in any walk of life. This is another mantra chanted oft by the team spirit-inspired work batteries at Horizon  Bioceuticals Pvt. Ltd. In all, as it stands to reason and logic, this medical supplies manufacturer and provider is at the top of its game, every which where. It is solidly built and developed ethical sensibilities that have made it what it is today. For this, it has providence, faith, and its pack of three aces in the names of Mr. Garg, Mr. Gugnani, and Mr. Arora to thank.

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