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October 26, 2020
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October 28, 2020

Client Satisfaction is a huge priority

Satisfaction of the clients is a huge priority. In fact, for most manufacturers and traders, it comes at the numero uno position in their roll-call of necessary factors. Mr. Ramotar Singh of Elent Electronics Pvt. Ltd., for one, firmly believes in this ethos. An ISO 9001: 2008-certified company, this enterprise also believes in “honesty in work arenas and transparency in dealings”. Incidentally, Mr. Rajender Prasad has been taking care of the accounts and factory work narratives here since the last 36 years. Mr. Ramotar Singh is the whole-sole in-charge of the marketing and R&D divisions. Also certified by R.O.H.S., the product catalogue here includes single-phase C.V.T. of 50 VA to 10 KVA., Servo voltage stabilizers from I KVA to 1000 KVA & all type Transformers, Online & Offline UPS, etc. The target plan for the next three years is to scale up-to Rs 6.5 crore turnovers per annum. Power equipments are the other products available at this establishment.

“Tons of hard work” is what we firmly recommend to all the newcomers in this field, chortle out the duo of directors. This organization, which is functional since 1972, figures in the bracket of the first five players in its work spectrum. Elent Electronics, that has been given the user’s choice awards (CVT) by PC Quest in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998, among other notable achievements, also is into power-conditioning equipment such as constant voltage transformers, online uninterruptible power supplies, offline and line interaction U.P.S., servo voltage stabilizers, automatic voltage stabilizers (A.V.S.), isolation transformers, step-down t ransformers,custom-designed t ransformers,batteries,battery chargers, inverters, transformers, D.C. power supplies, and control panels (CP3EM/M/F). The New- Delhi-based company has about 49 people on its staff strength and has a U.S.P. of 500 dealers in its network of operations. The listing of the top ten clients from this workhorse company includes E.S.I. Hospitals, Canon, Reliance industries, Electro Steel, Indian oil, etc.

Sincerity in the work purpose, integrity in the value system that governs all operative paraphernalia, and other landmark dynamics like observing proper attendance towards the welfare of workers and staffers, etc., are the real and solid achievements at Elent Electronics Pvt. Ltd. It is obvious that the actual nuances that matter the most are the pillars laid down by the top management rankers for the entire team of coworkers in any organization that becomes successful and effective in its line of functioning. In this case, the head honchos are clear and categorical about being punctual, working to the best of abilities, and being respectful towards the norms, rules, and regulations of the concerned department in which one is involved. Having empathy and sympathy along with being dedicated and sincere in the work environment are the other must-have qualities for all employees at Elent Electronics Pvt. Ltd. These are the criteria that are absolutely essential for the teamwork environment that is maintained here. Happy to report, both Mr. Rajender Prasad and Mr. Ramotar Singh are very enthusiastic and motivational in their attitude towards one and all. This is what drives them and their company towards bigger and better achievements.

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